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08 March 2013


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And Carson, you are one of the few that was willing to walk with me in spite of myself. In many ways, introducing me to Barnabas all those years ago re-introduced me to the church. People have short memories and you loved me so others might too.

Carson Pue

Steve your sharing this is not only a great gift for your kids, but also shouts out to those who claim to be Jesus followers that in order to be a fully functioning follower - our behaviour has to follow our beliefs. This is one of the greatest struggles I experience in the church as we try to disciple others. We have allowed the provision of content to be poured out on observers without expecting anything in terms of a change in behaviour.
Lord have mercy.
I am honoured to walk with you through transformation - you inspire me through your authentic love for Jesus. He knows your name.
Love you man,

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