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04 March 2013


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Stephen Grant

Libby, I know that is a traditional view, but I think it does violence to what Isaiah has to say. I also think it does violence to the grandeur of God. I agree that evil is the absence of God. I believe that the nature of God is good. I also have to accept that he created evil, because he said he did.

Libby Salter

I've been thinking about your question, "Did God create evil?" The conclusion I've come to is that God DID NOT create evil. Evil wasn't created. Evil is the ABSENCE of good not its opposite. In the same sense that shadow is a by-product of light--evil is a by-product of good.

Libby Salter

An important thing I remember during life's ups and down is this: God is ALWAYS good and He ALWAYS loves me. This is the bottom line I always come to. God IS good-that's His nature, He can't be bad.

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