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02 June 2010


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How do we square "non-professional" with the biblical principle that those who are entrusted with authority in the church are entitled to receive some benefit?

It is said often that those who bless others spiritually are entitled to be blessed materially.

Even the twelve that Jesus sent ahead throughout Israel were to expect that people would take them into their homes and feed them.

I'm not saying all preachers, teachers, administrators need to be paid. Paul refused to receive from some churches and yet still insisted that those who were "leaders" were entitled to some payment.

Steve Ganz

Steve, I still am uncomfortable with #2 - no government. I know and am with about not having a clergy class and that the entire congregation needs to take the responsibility. I just can't square it with servant leadership. I still think our difference may be simply semantical, but I am not sure.

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