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03 February 2010


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Stephen Grant

In Mark 10, a rich man comes to Jesus and falls on his knees before him, humbling himself, before the Lord, and calls on his name, "What must I do to be saved." Jesus told him and he went away sad. It cost to much.

I am sorry it seemed that the young drug addict wasn't willing to give it all over to the Lord. He did say, "I am willing to do whatever it takes..." He'd figured out that there wasn't much worth hanging onto.

Meanwhile, the young professional wasn't told of any cost. He simply prayed a prayer. Steve, I believe that the tract that you are thinking about about putting Jesus on the throne of your life was a follow up to the 4 Spiritual Laws.

Steve Ganz

In the parable Jesus told, the Pharisee justified himself before God while the tax collector did not. In Steve's story, the contrast is different. It seems to be between one who is only marginally aware of his need for God and one who is desperate for God. Both called on the name of the Lord, if remember the 4 spiritual laws correctly. If my memory serves me right (big if), doesn't the 4 spiritual laws end with a prayer taking us off the throne and putting Jesus there? If the first guy actually did this, what is wrong with that?

When Jesus talked with the rich ruler, a fine and upright man, he asked for it all. Neither person in Steve's story seemed to me to evidence this kind of whole hearted giving of himself to Jesus that was required of the rich ruler. This is what they both will need to do in order to grow in the grace given to them.

mark Eikost

A modern adaptation of the pharisee and the tax collector. Good work. Too bad I can't steal it. I'm not allowed to swear during sermons.

Malana Ganz

ditto what Steve said....

Steve Ganz

If the both called on the name of the Lord - chances are they both are. Yet I can see that there is a lot of change ahead for both.

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