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19 December 2009


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I just ended up at this post - . I think it was through a twitter post.

It got me to thinking... it's exactly things like this (feeling like "hey, we have a building, we should be using it!") that lead us away from our purpose and into all sorts of other things. On the other hand, some of these other things might be entirely within our purpose as a church. Arrrggghhh!!!! It's kinda like that razor's edge that Bonhoeffer talks about. He's referring to grace, but it seems like there's so many areas in which we need to carefully walk the line not falling to one side (wasting space that could be better used) or the other (getting so wrapped up in those other uses that we forget our original purpose).

I think that's where posts/discussions like this are good. Talking with others helps us remember where that line is so we can keep walking on it.


"The first time I remember the church lending its support to anyone it was to Constantine, and we all know that proved to be disastrous."

Hmmm, I would say it was the opposite. Constantine lent his support to the church. Then he essentially took it over (by being the one to call together the Council of Nicaea and presiding over it, for example).

I don't know what the first thing the church lent itself too was, but I'd guess it might well have been land disputes between the Roman bishop and surrounding countryside (especially as the German barbarians came in). As the Roman government fell, the church pretty much took over a lot of the political jobs (initially as a means of caring for the people, but it rolled into the church being a political entity and not just a religious one -- which I suppose is the key to this whole thing. Getting involved in something other than the church's main goal is simply going to muddy what it is and what its purpose is.)

Malana Ganz

Many years ago I considered joining a friend in an anti-abortion group. I prayed and the Lord told me that if I became an issue-oriented Christian people would see the issue first, and not Christ.
I am convinced that politics and "issues" are something we need to pay attention to, and sometimes spend time and money on, but that we must be very careful how we involve our faith in the visible side of the activity. And no church should use their platform for these issues; it should be an individual decision with only individual reprocussions.

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