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30 December 2009


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Malana Ganz

Wow...coning down on a pastor for not attending a sports event? Sounds like a relationship breakdown to me. Are we willing to accept our leaders for who they really are and the gifts that God has given them, or, as BFM says, just a mirror of themselves?
I agree that authoritative pastors make some people feel safe. It seems easier if these people don't have to think for themselves - but I think it stunts their growth in God.


Just posted some of my own confused thoughts on church leaders here - It's a lot more questions than answers, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on reasonable expectations.


Hmmm, I'm rereading some posts our pastor made awhile ago about elders. Two are sermons by John Piper and then I think he lists a bunch of verses below that. (I'm still working my way through the Piper bits.) They're here ( ) if you're interested.

A line that just jumped out at me as fitting right in with the conversation here: "In other words [Peter] is practicing what he preaches in verse 3 -- that elders lead by example not by lording it over the flock."


I find myself wondering what it is that we look for in a leader. I suspect that colors our view of leading and authority.

My grandmother chose her churches based on the timbre of the priest's voice. If he *sounded* authoritative (whether or not he said anything decent) then that's where she went. She wanted a deep, booming voice that made her feel like the guy was connected to God.

I know that the elders at our church recently came down on our pastor because he wasn't attending the sporting events of kids in the church. They obviously want someone whose extracurricular interests mirror their own. I would also venture to say that they're looking for someone who runs the church without them having to do much of anything themselves.

I would say the general understanding of leadership at the Church of the Sojourners in SF was that the leaders were to have a sense of the struggles of the members and make sure there were others coming alongside them helping and guiding them. And the leaders set the direction of the church in terms of what they'd all study -- sort of charting the social consciousness of the church.

I don't know where I'm going with this except to say that I think some people prefer pastor's who are strongly in control and maybe even a little domineering because then they feel certain that things will be maintained such that their environment will be "safe." I don't think I can say this is necessarily good or bad, just that it is. As people with different personalities, we need or expect different things from those who are in leadership based upon our own needs or desires or experiences.

Malana Ganz

Really good points about how a person receives authority! Also like several other thoughts today.

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