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22 November 2009


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Malana Ganz

So what do you do with the scripture that says that you should not muzzle the ox that treads out the other words, pay your teachers and leaders? What takes so much time is people and study...if Steve didn't have to work he could devote all his time to serving and studying.. What is the problem with that? I don't get it.

Stephen Grant

Meg, I hope to expand some thoughts on these later but here are the short answers to your questions: 6 is all about partnering with other entities to get something done. For instance a recovery club is not an AA club... AA just happens to meet there. They will not put their name on any related recovery marches etc...

Tradition 10 is about focus. AA does not hold a position on prohibition for example, and NA doesn't hold a position on legalizing any drugs. They simply don't get involved.

As far as 8 goes... I think I'd be more likely to pay the nursery worker than the preacher... the people who get paid are the support staff that work behind the scenes to make things happen... service centers have phone banks and receive mail so the phones need to be answered and mail opened... these are the people that AA pays... secretaries... dock workers to ship materials... etc...


6 and 10 seem pretty similar and i think would be great for churches to give thought to. there are so many times in our sunday school discussions and bible studies when political issues are brought up with the assumption that everyone in the room agrees and that as christians we couldn't not agree. as someone who has friends of various political persuasions, this always makes me cringe. i don't want someone to be turned away from discussing spiritual issues because someone else chose to throw a bunch of political issues into the mix.

i'd be interested in knowing more about #8. so who can and can't be employed? and how would this look in a church context? yes to hiring pastors but no to hiring nursery workers? or vice versa?

hmmm, #5. what is our primary purpose? to carry our message to the lost? to learn to actually live our message? or to glorify God (which i suppose you could argue the first two could be subsets of)?

Malana Ganz

Lots to think about...I've never seen this document and it is insightful.

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