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30 October 2009


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When/where did you meet the Sojos/Servant King folks? Which sojos did you meet?

(And how do I get your blog to tell me when there's a new reply on here?)

Stephen Grant

I didn't get to meet John... only those who lived with him in church of the Sojourner and then their friends at Church of the Servant King... Maybe you and I should edit the book and get it to John Stock for publication...


>The first is by John Alexander. It was never published so it sits on my shelf in two notebooks.

oh my goodness!!! how do you know john? i have a copy of this book also, but i still haven't finished reading through it even though it's from ages ago. i thought that debbie was going to edit it for publication. (all of john's writing could really have used a serious editing. he's a darling guy to listen to. i even posted a bunch of quotes from him a few months back to several sojourners who would appreciate the john-ness of them, but reading his written stuff was much harder to do. he really was more the kind of guy who's feet you'd want to sit at rather than who's book you'd want to read. his teaching always seemed more to me to be something that would soak into you over time rather than something you could really grok from his writing.)

the church we're in here in fort collins owns its building. (woot! we just paid it off a year and a half ago. very cool.) for a long time (since before we moved here) they had rented out a part of the manse to a pregnancy counseling center. and for the past 5 or so years we've been sharing meeting space with another congregation as well. they have their service while we do sunday school. then we flip spots. we have a calendar to keep track of weekly events so that we don't try to double occupy the space during the week, but it's a huge boon for us because it helps to pay the bills. it's a boon for them because the rent is uber cheap and they have use of the building all week, not just on sunday. and it's a cross-boon because we sometimes hold joint holiday services, swap kids in sunday school, and generally just hang out and chat between services. when we were searching for a new pastor, their pastor filled the pulpit several times and was such a shepherding, caring voice to us that we really felt pastored even though we were pastorless. though i think we could still use our building even more and in other ways (there are only two other groups that use the building right now. a 4-H group and an apartment complex managers group), i feel like we've at least got some good uses going on so far.

Malana Ganz

Stephen, I agree with your idea. We tried to do this a few years ago and couldn't make the contacts or share the vision for what we wanted, which included meeting space for 4 churches - Friday, Saturday and 2 on Sunday. So we ended up at your house!!! And now are renting space from another church. Second best solution at this time.

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