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22 September 2009


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Men marry because they are tired; women because they are curious; both are disappointed

Kay Lee

Something in your blog reminded me of the verse that says something to the effect that there was a long war between the house of David and the house of Saul and the house of David grew stronger and stronger and the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker. Hopefully between following the Spirit and our own ideas, this will happen in our lives and we need to encourage it in others.

Kay Lee

I saw a bumper sticker I really liked. It said "Dopeless hope fiend"

My main consideration for a good pastor is one where the communication goes both ways. A good communicator is limited unless there is feedback. I don't grow in a relationship without there being ongoing back and forth testing of ideas and finding out what of what we hear works and what doesn't and why not. Without a "lab" experience it becomes so much philosophy. The other part of sharing what works in your life is that people feel challenged to try it and not just "preached at" when it is presented as a testimony of what works and what is truth not as a sermon per se.

Steve Ganz

Your right, and we do have hope for those who are bound in sin... seems like all of us in some way, but only the most 'blatant' admit it.

Stephen Grant

Phil, Great comments... I agree that a pastoral team is the pattern we see in the Scriptures. However, a pastor is a pastor though. It is something one does; it is a gifting that is biblical that we can't get away from and shouldn't want to. Just because it has become a title rather than a description does not mean we should do away with it completely.

Steve, my comment about "blatant sin" is probably over stated. Someone that is living in sin and does not want to be free of it is to be cast out. St Paul is clear on that. There is another whole category of people, however, who are caught in sin and who want out but have not found a way of escape. This is the category of people of people that generally don't have a place in our congregations, and need to find a place. They are the people I was speaking of.

Malana Ganz

It is humbling to think that God calls any of us to the responsibilities and character your describe - only His grace could bring anyone close to the ideal.

Steve Ganz

This brings up the question of what is a pastor's role. I think our problem in understanding this partially comes from using the word pastor differently than how it is used in the Bible. In the Bible, pastor translates a word which means shepherd, as in Jesus is the shepherd(read pastor)of the sheep. The church needs many pastor/teachers.

Yet we often use this word to describe a role in the church of an overseer who has responsibility for the direction of a local church and/or who is the primary feeder/teacher. I think that if we were to Biblically name this role, and I think we can, I'd call it the apostle's representative (as was Timothy in Ephesus), or an apostle. As Paul wrote, you may have 10,000 teachers but not many fathers. A "pastor" must have the heart of a father.

Great job Steve of describing something I doubt any of us can live up to but all wish we could. Just one question, what to you mean by accepting people in blatant sin?


I think a great church has many "pastors" who are great. If everyone strove to be that great pastor, then there may be no need for a pastor to lead a church.Iron will sharpen iron so to speak. A great pastor is one who will lay down his position without reservation, knowing God is in control of the church. A great pastor could be someone free of the anxiety of not being in the spotlight. A great pastor doesn't have to have oratory gifts and charisma. He or she just needs to be willing to follow Christ at all costs. No matter what the salary, accolades or status. A great pastor doesn't consider themselves a pastor at all.

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