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03 August 2009


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Michael Morkve

Ganz, I'm confused when you say 'there is no way you can or should compare' and then go on to say Abraham's faith was the 'height'. The bible compares faith all the time. Paul compared his to others all the time. Paul says only 'the mature' are to lead the church. If one cannot compare their level of faith to others then one cannot claim maturity over and against infanthood and soon the church will become a nursery run amuck; oh wait, it already has!

Spiritual life is just like physical life; one is born as an infant and as (or maybe more to the point; if) they feed on spiritual food and learn of their Father AND older siblings they gradually grow into maturity in the same way as one grows up through the physical stages of life and learning. The spiritual 'high school student' does not say to the 'elementary student' "I can't compare myself to you" but "come and learn of me my brother for I have already walked the road which lay before you".

Steve Ganz

I understand why you would tell these folks that you knew God in a deeper way because of faith without evidence, but it still seems to me to be too strong of a statement. There is no way you can or should compare. Regardless, trusting God like Abraham, who believed even though his body was as good as dead, and who obeyed believing that God will raise his son from the dead, is the height of faith.

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