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26 February 2008


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Stephen Grant

Mike, no where did I say Blacks should be blamed for southerners attitudes toward them after the Civil War. Nothing can be farther from the truth. No one but Southerners can be blamed for their own hostility and actions. The war however increased those feelings. Lincoln was responsible for the war.

To answer your first question I believe, that slavery was quickly on the way out. The cotton gin and technology was making slavery economically unfeasible. It was only a matter of time.

Grant, in his address to the troops needed to give them a reason, that they had endured so much other than the necessity of a political machine and the pride of a misguided president. That doesn't look so good in print...


Slavery would have eventually passed away had their not been a civil war, but when? It may have been a failing system, but rotten sytems have continued for years, witness the USSR and others. Jefferson Davis, who should have been hanged for treason, had plans to expand slavery into Central America, not eliminate it. Grant in his farewell address to his troops, expressed the opinion that the war had been fought to free the slaves.

How can black people be blamed today for any ill will held toward them by the South? They were enslaved against their will.

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