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31 October 2007


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Brett Gorley

Years ago I went through a similar experience your son went through, looking for a mentor to get me out of a funk I was going through. That mentor never emerged and the funk got deeper, until God miraculously moved and began bringing me out of it. It has taken me years to really get out of it.
But, unlike my situation, your son has a Christian father who cares for him and is at his side to help him and seek help for him. That speaks volumes!
Keep on keeping on, and I'm praying for your son right now!



I don't mean that to sound harsh either. :)


Hey man, I can understand your frustration but I'm not really sure that this is the best way to go about it. Something like this grows a little more naturally. To be honest this is a pretty awkward position to just ask someone to put themselves in.


Hey Steve,

It saddens me to hear that you have been disappointed by Evergreen in this way. I do wonder, though -- is the lack of a mentor for Sam indicative of a lack of interest/commitment from the community, or might some logistical issues be getting in the way? It has been a busy season for you and it seems like you guys haven't been around the past couple of weeks (which is understandable), but it also makes it more difficult for someone to start getting to know Sam in a non-threatening way. Also, posting it on the forum is a good thought but maybe not the best way to find the right person...don't give up yet!

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