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02 August 2007


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Almost like asking just how forgiven of sin is forgiven? Or how good is God's redemption? Is it good enough that if I ask God to forgive me for my sin and mistakes I've made through the death of his son Jesus, is that good enough? Or do I still carry around that burden to the point of passing it on to someone whom I love enough to ask to spend the rest of my earthly days with? Just how good was the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made?


hmmm...I surely have not thought of this as much as you.

It seems to me that God's plan is that none should divorce. In fact, I have yet to see a divorce that didn't arise from a hardening of the heart (or to use Christian language: sin)

The question that has often plagued me after sin is the question: Where is redemption? Where is grace? Is there a way back?

But I do trust that those who look for wisdom...

I have found good arguments on either side, but at the end of the day it comes to surrendering yourself and posing the question to God...listen...wait...surrender...listen...wait...surrender...usually when I do that, all my arguments and my posturing fails and I'm left with only doing His will...which seems quite clear after I'm exhausted from the fight.

If you want to process more, I'd love to help. If you want to argue the position, more than happy to do so.

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