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29 August 2007


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Stephen Grant

What can I say. I go in spurts...

I agree that the measure of being goos at sports is not a very good measure of a man.

I am grateful for the differences. this is why I value hearing women preach. They bring a fresh perspective I need to hear. If there was no difference then it matters not whether it is a man or a woman proclaiming God's Word or leading his people in worship. But because there is a difference it is great to have the difference celebrated in the body...

But now I am getting onto women preachers and women leading worship. I want both men and women to do both and I want to experience both but that is probably another post....


blog less. :)

I'm not sure the goal is sameness...but when an associate last night at dinner comments "Well, he isn't much of a man if he isn't good at sports." makes me sad to think of his narrow view of manhood.

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