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15 August 2007


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Sarah, Feel free to join the feminist camp, functionally I would agree you are in. Whether you want the label or not is your choice ;)

I'll "come out" that since I was the one posting on Bob's Blog I was probably the feminist Steve was referring to, but that's just my guess.

I agree, Steve, that fear may be a piece of it for some women, for me not really, at least not on Bob's blog or at Evergreen. I think for me I would hate for the term egalitarian to become "bad" or misconstrued just as feminist has in Christian circles. Personally I do not care what label one choses or rejects. I think many of the women on Bob's blog perceived Bob as an egalitarian by definition whether or not he used the label so when he rejected the label based on the definition they were surprised. I think in a round about way that is what came out.

Sarah I the feminist? Just curious, if I am, I'd at least like to know so I could start thinking of myself as a feminist. :)

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