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24 December 2006


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Aaron Kelly

I sure hope Evergreen never becomes a baptist church. I identify more with "emergent" personally than I do with "missional," although I do identify with both. I think Bob, and perhaps Evergreen in general, does fit your definition of being more focused on the "missional" hip re-casting of evangelicalism than on the "emergent" which I see as more of a move to do away with the distinction and rift between evangelical and mainstream Christianity as evidenced in the works of McLaren and others. That's my fear about the "emergent" movement, that the "missionals" will break from and eventually even attack the people who lean more mainstream just as the fundamentalists (traditionalists, more accurately) and evangelicals did in their day. Rob Bell seems to be doing this already. I really hope this doesn't happen, though I fear Bob might go along with it if it did occur.

I really get meaning from the sacrament, too, whether in a liturgical or plainer way. I know that's a strange thing for a kid whose first liturgical service was that Christmas Eve service, but exploring the reason for communion was what lead to my initial conversion experience (which was very much like a miniature step one, two, and three). (Yes, that does mean I am a "born again" Christian, as cliche as that term has become.) And I have come to see the cycle of death and rebirth in my own life, which has just made the service more and more meaningful. Even when I couldn't stand anything else about Christianity, the Lord's Supper stayed meaningful to me.


I am blessed to have you in my "Church Situation" :)

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